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  • ATC Space Traveller

    An impressive Japanese tin friction Space Traveller with Moving Head in box by ATC.

  • Bandai Datsun Bluebird 1000

    An amazing Bandai Japan tin friction Datsun Bluebird 1000 in box.

  • Ingap 175-P.D. Sidecar

    An incredible tin Italian Ingap wind-up 175-P.D. motorcycle with sidecar and female pillion.

  • Ullmann PU 150 AA Motorcycle

    A unique Philipp Ullmann (Tippco/Mettoy) England tin wind-up PU 150 AA Motorcycle from around 1935.

  • Arnold 8500 DAF Service Truck

    A fine German tin friction 8500 DAF wrecker service truck by Arnold in box.

  • Arnold Fire Engine

    A detailed pre-war Arnold Germany tin wind-up fire engine in box.


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  • Greppert & Kelch Yellow Cab

    An iconic Greppert & Kelch Germany tin wind-up Lenox 530 American Yellow Cab Co. taxi.

  • Tipp & Co TCO-59 Motorcycle

    A scarce Tipp & Co Germany tin wind-up TCO-59 motorcycle with sidecar and electric light.

  • Schuco 4520 Flic Bobby

    A rare Schuco Germany tin wind-up 4520 Flic Verkehrsregler Bobby in box.

  • Ingap 620-P.D. Motorcycle

    A pleasing pre-war Italian tinplate wind-up 620-P.D. motorcycle by Ingap.

  • Tipp & Co 683 Motorcycle

    An excellent Tipp & Co Germany tin wind-up 683 delivery motorcycle.

  • Einfalt 140 Fix-Fax

    An exceptional Einfalt Germany tinplate wind-up 140 Fix-Fax roll-over man.

  • Technofix Punch Motorcycle

    A rare French tinplate wind-up Punch Comet motorcycle #7 by Technofix in box.

  • Daiya Super Rocket

    A wonderful Daiya Japan tin friction Super Rocket.

  • Lehmann 721 Zulu

    An impressive Lehmann Germany tin wind-up 721 Zulu ostrich post cart from circa 1928.

  • China MS 576 Shooting Boy

    An outstanding Chinese tin wind-up MS 576 Shooting Boy.

  • Kohno Kakuzo Pigeon Scooter

    An exceptional Japanese tin friction Lucky Pigeon Scooter by Kohno Kakuzo.

  • Lehmann 645 Paak-Paak

    An attractive Lehmann Germany tin wind-up 645 Quack-Quack Paak-Paak in box.

  • Mettoy TT 3149 Motorcycle

    A fine British tinplate wind-up TT 3149 civilian rider motorcycle by Mettoy.

  • Bandai 536 Nissan Pick-Up

    A charming Bandai Japan tin friction 536 Nissan/Datsun Junior pick-up truck.

  • Mettoy Clown Motorcycle

    A rare Mettoy Great Britain tinplate wind-up clown motorcycle.

  • China MS 794 Golden Fish

    A wonderful Chinese tin wind-up MS 794 Golden Fish in box.

  • Yonezawa Space Man

    An original Yonezawa Japan tinplate friction Space Man.

  • Voith Man Carrying Suitcase

    An iconic German tin wind-up walking man carrying suitcase by Voith in box.

  • Bandai Mitsubishi Scooter

    An outstanding Bandai Japan tin friction Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon scooter in box.

  • Mercury 8 Jeep Giardinetta

    A fine Italian diecast Jeep Giardinetta "Willy's Overland" by Mercury in box.

  • Gescha 556 Compressor

    An exceptional Gescha Germany tinplate wind-up 556 Compressor in box.

  • Arnold DAF Garbage Truck

    A fine German tin friction 11600 Holland DAF garbage truck with three bins by Arnold in box.

  • Mettoy OT2 Clown Motorcycle

    A comical Mettoy Great Britain tinplate wind-up OT2 clown motorcycle from the 1930s.

  • Russian Clown Tricycle With Dog

    A fantastic tin Russian wind-up 'Клоун' clown tricycle with dog in box.

  • Günthermann Buick Ambulance

    An impressive tin friction Buick ambulance with stretcher by Günthermann of Germany.

  • China MF 805 Auto Restaurant

    An outstanding Chinese tin friction MF 805 Auto Restaurant truck in box.

  • SNK Sparkling 'Mike' The Robot

    An impressive Japanese tin wind-up Sparkling 'Mike' The Robot from 1956 by SNK.

  • CKO Kellermann 358 Cabrio

    An amazing CKO Kellermann of Germany tin wind-up 358 Cabrio 'Verwandlungsauto' in box.

  • Paya I-952 Clown Car 1934

    An original 1934 Spanish tin wind-up I-952 clown in soapbox car by Paya.

  • KK Pacific Airplane

    A pleasing pre-war Japanese tin Pacific single wing airplane with pilot by KK.

  • Hess Open Boat Tail Racing Car

    An exceptional German tin friction open boat tail racing car manufactured by Hess.

  • ASC 'N.T.S.' TV Service Car

    A unique ASC (Aoshin) Japan tin friction 'N.T.S. Nederlandse Televisie Stichting' television service car.

  • China MF 237 Poultry Truck

    An unused Chinese tin friction MF 237 Poultry Truck with nodding geese in box.

  • China MF 157 Tricar

    An incredible tin friction Chinese MF 157 Tricar delivery vehicle in box.

  • Müller Jazz Band Phonograph

    An impressive Leonhard Müller Germany tin wind-up 1930s African-American jazz band children's gramophone.

  • Ichiko Prince Skyline Sport 1962

    An amazing Ichiko Japan tin friction Nissan/Datsun Prince Skyline Sport coupe from 1962.

  • Distler Boy On Delivery Tricycle

    A comical German tin friction boy on delivery tricycle by Distler in box.

  • Arnold 4000 VW Beetle

    An iconic Arnold Germany tin and plastic friction 4000 Volkswagen Käfer in box.

  • China MS 057 Angel Fish

    A gorgeous tin wind-up MS 057 Angel Fish in box by Shanghai Toys of China.

  • KO Yoshiya 5015 Mighty Robot

    An unmatched 1965 KO Yoshiya Japan tin battery operated 5015 Mighty Robot in box.

  • Fleischmann 855 Esso Tanker

    A stunning Fleischmann Germany tin wind-up 855 Esso oil tanker.

  • Günthermann Auto Union Racer

    An amazing Günthermann of Germany tin wind-up Auto Union Type A racing car #1.

  • LEGO Volkswagen T1 Philips Van

    A wonderful LEGO Denmark plastic VW T1 Philips transporter van from 1955.

  • Lehmann 570 EHE & Co. Truck

    An attractive Lehmann Germany tin wind-up 570 EHE & Co. open bed truck in box.

  • Ingap 809 Vespa Scooter 1956

    An outstanding 1956 tin wind-up 809 Vespa scooter by Ingap of Italy in box.

  • Alps Black Knight Batmobile

    An impressive 2 speed shifting tin friction Batman in Batmobile by Alps of Japan.

  • Bing Rowing Boat Ca. 1925

    A refined Bing Germany tin wind-up rowing boat from around 1925.

  • Tipp & Co L.M.S. Van

    A scarce pre-war German tin wind-up L.M.S. Express Parcel Traffic van by Tipp & Co.

  • China ME 701 Red Tractor

    An amusing tin battery operated ME 701 The East Is Red propaganda Tractor from China in box.

  • Technofix 258W Motorcycle

    An outstanding 1950 German tin wind-up Technofix 258W Comet motorcycle in box.

  • Günthermann Tilting Airplane

    An acrobatic Günthermann of Germany tin wind-up tilting airplane and pilot in box.

  • Ichimura Bicycle With Dog

    A charming Ichimura of Japan boy riding a bicycle with dog in box.

  • Lehmann 773 Masuyama

    An impressive Lehmann of Germany tin wind-up 773 Masuyama rickshaw from 1927.

  • Yonezawa Fire Jet Racer #30

    A hard to find Yonezawa of Japan tin friction Fire Jet racing car #30.

  • Schuco 5000 Radio Limousine

    A musical Schuco Germany tin wind-up Radio 5000 limousine with box.

  • Meier Military Motorcycle

    A refined tin German penny toy military motorcycle with soldier by Meier.

  • Schuco 941 Dwarf & Lantern

    An attractive pre-war German tin wind-up 941 dwarf with lantern and axe by Schuco.

  • Göso 470/30 ADAC Motorcycle

    An incredible tin German Göso ADAC Strassenwacht wind-up motorcycle in box.

  • Schuco 5720 Mercedes 220S

    An excellent Schuco Germany tin electric 5720 Hydro-Car Mercedes 220S cabriolet.

  • Bandai 1002 Monorail Train Set

    A futuristic Bandai of Japan tin battery operated Monorail Train Set in box.

  • Wüco Matsch Soccer Players

    A sportive Wüco Germany tin wind-up Matsch double soccer player in box.

  • Polish Threshing Machine 403

    A rich Polish tin & wooden wind-up threshing machine P.O.M. 403 in box.

  • Tomiyama Indianapolis Racer #2

    A fast Japanese tin friction Indianapolis racer #2 by Tomiyama.

  • China ME 651 Forging Press

    A great Chinese tin battery operated ME 651 12000-Ton Hydraulic Forging Press in box.

  • Alps Iwaya Mercedes-Benz 300

    A detailed Alps Iwaya Japan tin battery operated Mercedes-Benz 300 Adenauer in box.

  • KO Yoshiya High Wheel Robot

    A wonderful KO Yoshiya Japan tin remote control High-Wheel Robot in box.

  • Yanoman 5548 Space Ship

    A unique Yanoman Japan tin battery operated 5548 Rendezvous 7.8 space ship in box.

  • Yonezawa Renault 4CV

    An unplayed Yonezawa Japan tin friction Renault 4CV in box.

  • Schuco 958 Dwarf & Baby

    A catchy Schuco Germany tin wind-up 958 dwarf with baby.

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